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Com Sisir Kumar Roy
( President )

Com.Saibal Sengupta
( Circle Secretary )

Com. Kartick Chandra Pal
( Treasurer )

BSNL Employees Union Calcutta Telephones Circle
Site Updated On : 20th Sep 2016
[20th Sep 2016]

Hunger strike program implemented at Kolkata


In  the call of BSNLEU CHQ   hunger strike program on 24 point charter of demand has been implemented successfully at the Circle and District levels  of Kolkata Telephones. Large number of workers sat on hunger strike in all the districts at the area manager office and at Telephone Bhawan, CGM office Circle office bearers along with members took part in the fast program.

[20th Sep 2016]

CTTMU leaders met CGM CTD on their issues


Today, Calcutta Telephones Thika Majdoor union leaders met Chief GM and discussed on  payment of wages prior to the Durga Puja festival, washing allowance to all labourers, issue of I cards, draft Gazette notification of Government of India etc. CGM assured that all these issues will be looked into.  He also said to forward the names of the Principal employers reluctant or causing unnecessary delay to issue the I cards to the workers. Com. Arup Sarkar, Pradip Chatterjee, Tapos Banerjee, Susanta Saha, Rajib Saha and Saibal Sengupta represented on behalf of CTTMU.

[20th Sep 2016]

CGM CTD assured BSNLEU leaders on HR issues.


A meeting on settlement of HR issues of employees was held on 20.09.2016 where com. Sisir Roy, Saibal Sengupta, Sharmila Dutta, Biswajit Sil and Arindam Roy discussed  on implementation of pending  NEPP , payment of salary prior to 30th September, inclusion of more number of cash less hospitals and nurshing homes, enlistment of additional nurshing homes,  payment of outdoor medical bills prior to Durga Puja festival etc. CGM assured that proper  initiative will be taken to resolve the issues and directed GM HR to do the needful.

[20th Sep 2016]

Kolkata Forum held discussion with the CGM CTD.


Today, Kolkata Forum leaders meet the Chief General Manager and discussed several issues for immediate settlement. AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, SNEA, BSNLMS, NFTE and BSNLEU leaders took part in the meeting. Com Saibal Sengupta, Convener initiated and raised issues on implementation of 49,249,1099 & 1199 plans,  strengthening marketing division and advertisement on popular plans introduced by the Corporate office, sustained supply of stores, proper maintenance of BTS, installation of  Air condition machines and maintenance, repairing of exchange buildings and staff quarters including kalyani training centre, modification of 2012 local order on acquisition of property unnecessarily inviting vigilance clearance  causing delay and harassment to staff, repairing of faulty lifts etc. Com. Subhasish Mitra pointed out about the limitations of booking of Job in the ERP Portral against job contract labour.  All other partners of the forum participated in the discussion and made their suggestions. Chief General Manager assured that all these points will be taken care for suitable solution. GM HR & Admin, GM Finance and TS to the Chief GM were also present in the meeting. CGM expressed that a meeting on service issue will be conducted shortly with all the unions and associations for improvement of services.

[2nd Sep 2016]

Excellent strike implemented at Kolkata


BSNL Employees union, Calcutta Telephones Circle conveys warm greetings and congratulations to all section of workers for executing an excellent strike on 2nd September 2016. 

Workers Unity Jindabad.

[2nd Sep 2016]

Shame ! Conspiracy  planned by forged report


It is shameful that Calcutta Telephones management was going to send fake report to BSNL Corporate Office but immediately Circle Secretary Com. Saibal Sengupta intervened and challenged the attendance. On verification it is seen that total number of absent was recorded as total number of presence. In Howrah District out of 478 employees 461 were absent, in Searumpore District out of 350 employees 316 were absent, in Central District out of 660 employees 459 were absent, in Barrackpore District out of 414 employees 274 were absent. But, report prepared as Howrah 17, Searumpore 34, Central 159 and Barrackpore 77 absent. However, CTD administration corrected the figures. Circle Secretary urged upon management to verify rest  nine Districts report. Management assured that it will be  done and at the same time expressed that  how fake report prepared that will also be looked into. Shame to the cowards who tried to hide the actual report.

[11th Aug 2016]

An impressive Convention held at Searumpore preparatory to 2nd September 2016  General Strike.<


Searumpur District has conducted a very impressive  convention on 11th August 2016  preparatory  to 2nd September General Strike. Com. Arun Conch, District Secretary Searumpore District presided over the convention. In his speech he called upon all the workers to extend full support at the call of Central Trade Unions, Federations and BSNL Employees Union to execute the strike strongly. In a full house gathering Com. Dipti Sarkar, Vice President BSNLEU Searumpore District initiated the meeting. She inspired all by her powerful deliberations in support of the strike. Com. Sarat Ghosh, District Secretary, Calcutta Telephones Thika Majdoor Union assured that Contract workers of Searumpore area will join all together to make the strike a grand success.  Com. Tapan Ganguly, Circle Organising Secretary  elaborately discussed the points on which the working class of the country once again, are ready to go on strike at the call of all Central Trade Unions & Federations. He also stated that BSNL Employees Union has also given call to all the BSNL employees to take part in the strike and make it a historic one. Com. Saibal Sengupta, Circle Secretary explained the demands of the strike and requested all to make extensive campaign to expose the character of the ruling class of the country. Convention conveyed the message that Searumpore District will uphold the legacy of struggle and 2nd September strike will be a hundred percent success at Searumpore.

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