26th Feb 2018: Congratulation all comrades to make March to Sanchar Bhawan a great success,

Implement 3rd PRC with effect from 01.01.2017.

No tower subsidiary company in BSNL. 


26th May 2018: Historic Mazdoor Kissan sangharsh rally at New Delhi on 5th September, 2018 ,

Organise and participate massive 


Com Prabir Kumar Dutta
( President )

Com. Sisir Kumar Roy
( Secretary )

Com. Debasis Dey
( Treasurer )

BSNL Employees Union Calcutta Telephones Circle
Site Updated On : 19th Jul 2018
[26th May 2018]

A GB meeting at Kalyani training center on 26.05.2018 :


Today a GB meeting was conducted at Kalyani training center. Staff members, a JE trainee batch and JCLs of that center were present at the meeting. Com Sisir Roy, CS, Com Sukanti Mukherjee, VP and Com Ram Sundar Basu, DS were delivered speach in the meeting. Roll back Subsidiary Tower Company, 3rd pay revision and other organizational issues also discussed there. 

[25th May 2018]

A lunch hour protest demonstration by the CTTMU on 25.05.2018 :


Today a lunch hour protest demonstration was organized by the CTTMU Calcutta circle in front of the office of DGM (HR and Admin). The main demands of this demonstration are for issuance of washing allowance order and payment of salary to the JCLs in the 1st week of every month. Com Sisir Roy, CP, CTTMU, Com Arup Sarkar, CS, CTTMU and other organizers met with the DGM to discuss the following issues,

1. Issuance of washing allowance order.

2. Issue identity card. 

3. Issue pay slip to each JCL.

4. Maintain attendance register for every JCL.

5. Payment of salary with in 7th of every month.

[24th May 2018]

Decision taken by AUAB meeting on 23.05.2018 :


An emergency meeting of the AUAB was held today at New Delhi at 2 pm in NFTE's office. The meeting was presided over by Com Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA. As the coming Board of directors meeting of BSNL have been scheduled at Hyderabad on 28.05.2018. So far all the BSNL Board of directors meetings were held at Corporate Office New Delhi. Intention of the Management may be to implement the directive of DOT with regards to making the subsidiary tower company operational. Hence with a view to hold the meeting peaceful and without any interruption place of meeting has been shifted.  After taking shock of the entire scenario the meeting unanimously took the following decisions :

1  To hold massive rally and protest demonstration against the formation of the Subsidiary tower company. All the General Secretaries of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL will go to the Hyderabad and will lead this rally / protest demonstration.

2. The entire executives and non-executives of BSNL should walk out of their work place  / offices throughout the country on 28.05.2018 and should organize rallies against the Subsidiary tower company. Press meetings should also be organized in this connection.

The CHQ of BSNLEU calls upon all the circle and district unions to coordinate with the other constituents of AUAB, and to effectively organise the walkout and rally on 28.05.2018.

[24th May 2018]

Notice served to the CMD and the Secretary, DoT :


The AUAB served notice to the CMD, BSNL and the Secretary, DoT for organizing the walk out, rallies, etc demanding the roll back of Subsidiary Tower.

[24th May 2018]

The all unions and associations of BSNL jointly appeal to all executives and non-executives of BSNL :


The leaders of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL have given a joint appeal to the executives and non-executives of BSNL to make the walk out and rallies a grand  success. In this appeal they have regretted the decisions taken to hold the Board meeting at Hyderabad to give approval for the decision of DOT, to make the Subsidiary tower company operational.

[24th May 2018]

AUAB defers the call for walk out and rallies against the Subsidiary Tower Company on 28.05.2018 :


Based on the notice issued today, by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL for conducting walk out and rallies against the Subsidiary tower company on 28.05.2018, the CMD of BSNL invited the leaders of AUAB for talks. The meeting started at 16:30 and lasted for two hours. In the meeting CMD, BSNL informed the leaders of the AUAB that the item of the Subsidiary tower company is not there in agenda for the BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 28.05.2018. He also made an appeal to withdraw the struggle. Thereafter a meeting of the AUAB was held. In view of the information given by the CMD, BSNL the meeting unanimously decided to defer the call for organizing the walk out and rallies on 28.05.2018. 

[23rd May 2018]

Jana Ekta Jana Andolan (JEJA) :


At the call of JEJA today at Ramlila Maidan at 1 pm a protest demonstration was organized. In this meeting BSNL employees are also attended with the other members of different organizations.

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