26th Feb 2018: Congratulation all comrades to make March to Sanchar Bhawan a great success,

Implement 3rd PRC with effect from 01.01.2017.

No tower subsidiary company in BSNL. 


26th May 2018: Historic Mazdoor Kissan sangharsh rally at New Delhi on 5th September, 2018 ,

Organise and participate massive 


Com Prabir Kumar Dutta
( President )

Com. Sisir Kumar Roy
( Secretary )

Com. Debasis Dey
( Treasurer )

BSNL Employees Union Calcutta Telephones Circle
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[27th Mar 2018]

Agitational  program against the formation of subsidiary tower company at Telephone Bhawan :


At the call of all unions and associations of BSNL, CHQ an agitational program is conducted at  Telephon Bhawan ground floor at 01:00 pm. All the circle secretaries of the all unions and associations of BSNL have present in that meeting. Com  Sisir Roy, Convenor, AUAB, Com Sekhar Majumder, CS, NFTE, Com Subhasis Mitra, CS, AIBSNLEA, Com Saikat Das, CS, AIGETOA, Com Aloke Nandi, CS, FNTO, Com DilipSaha, CS, SNEA, Com Jitendra Balmiki, CS, SEWABSNL, Com Sanjib Banerjee, CS AIBDPA  and Com Arup Sarkar, CS, CTTMU addressed the meeting. A mamoth gathering of employees of BSNL attended the meeting. After  the meeting memorandum was submitted to the CGM, CTD and the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal by the leaders of the All unions and associations of BSNL. 

[22nd Mar 2018]

 All Unions and associations of BSNL writes to the Secretary DoT demanding review of implementation of  the decisions taken in  the meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications :


The all unions and associations of BSNL have written to the Secretary, DoT demanding for a meeting. In the meeting held between the AUAB and the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications on 24.02.2018, certain commitments were given, regarding settlement of issues of employees as well as the revival  of BSNL. The AUAB wishes to hold a review of the implementation of the decisions taken in the meeting, held with the Hon’ble Minister.

[17th Mar 2018]

A meeting with PGM (CMTS) :


A meeting with PGM  (CMTS ) was held on 17th March. Com Sisir Roy, CS,  Com Swapan Bharati, VP, Com Biswajit Sil, ACS, Com Susanta Banerjee, Com Suchanda Chakraborty and Com Tirthankar Mitra were also present in that meeting.Discussion was  taken place regarding the shifting of the office of AO CMTS from Burrabazar to Territtee Bazar building and other relavent problems of CMTS and planning. Besides this introduction of 4G mobile service in CTD Circle was discussed with PGM/CMTS and the improvements of mobile services. Com Sisir Roy, CS initiated the meeting.

[16th Mar 2018]

Meeting with GM (SR) :


A brief discussion takes place with Sri A M Gupta, GM ( SR ), today, and Com P Abhimanyu, GS and Com Ramesh Chand, Org Secretary CHQ drew his attention to the following issues :

1. To consider the letter given by  BSNLEU on the issues of immunity from transfer to the office bearers of recognize unions.

2. To conduct 36th national council meeting without delay.

3. SR cell has informed 14 items can be discussed in each meeting of national council. It was requested to accept all the items submitted for the next meeting and a decision could be taken with mutual concent reregardi the future meetings. 

[16th Mar 2018]

A GB meeting at Dumdum Telephone Exchange at the call of AUAB :


A GB meeting at Dumdum Telephone Exchange was held regarding wage revision, roll back of Subsidiary Tower Company, No reduction in the age of retirement and other issues. Com Sisir Roy, CS, Com Ashoke Sengupta, DS, Bidhan nagar, addressed the meeting.Com Samar Chakraborty presided over the meeting. A large number of employees of BSNL attended the meeting . 

[16th Mar 2018]

উত্তর  শাখার উদ্যোগে কম শৈবাল সেনগুপ্ত ও কম শুভাশিস রায়ের সংবর্ধনা সভা



আজ উত্তর শাখার উদ্যোগে একটি সংবর্ধনা সভা আয়োজিত হয় ।এই সভায় কম শৈবাল সেনগুপ্ত ও কম শুভাশিস রায়কে সংবর্ধনা জানানো হয় । এই সভায় কম শিশির রায়, কম সুব্রত  ঘোষ , কম শৈবাল সেনগুপ্ত ও কম শুভাশিস রায় বক্তব্য রাখেন।এই সভায় কম অনন্ত ভট্টাচার্য ও কম সুপ্রিয় মিত্র উপস্থিত ছিলেন। বক্তারা তাদের বক্তব্যের মাধ্যমে কম শৈবাল সেনগুপ্ত ও কম শুভাশিস রায়ের সাংগঠনিক  দক্ষতার স্বীকৃতি দেন। 

[15th Mar 2018]

Memorandum submitted by BSNLCCWF :


A deputation was given to CGM Calcutta Telephone District by CTTMU today. Comrade Sisir Roy CP CTTMU, comrade Arup Sarkar CS   CTTMU and other organizers addressed the meeting to   explain The following  demands.

Charter of demands :

1. Regularisation of left out Casual and Contract labourer. 

2. Immediate implementation of tth equal pay for equal works as per th verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. 

3. Payment of wages should be made by the 7th of every month . 

4. Ensure gratuity to all.

5. Immediate implementation of the 7th CPC to the  left out Casual laborers. 

6. Scheme for the Regularisation and offering the departmental examination.

7.Payment of allowance like  HRA,Transport allowance etc. 

8. Pendingwashing allowance for the year2016-17 2017-18 should be resolved immediately. 

9. All the part timeworkers should be converted to full time and ensure minimum wage and social security measure like EPF, ESI etc. 

10.Arrangement for issue of new identity cards at an earliest . 

11.EPF accounts should be opened and  operated by the BSNL instead o contractors .

12. Immediate implementation of the 4G network at CTD .

13.Rollback of separate tower subsidiary company. 

14. Recognize the BSNLCCWF . 

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